About Us

Our Mission, Vision and Values

Our Vision

Create a Christian Montessori environment where children are empowered with the lifelong love of learning that will enable them to make a positive difference in our world.

Our Mission

To maintain an authentic Montessori program for children 15 months to 7 years. Recognizing that Maria Montessori’s method focuses on following the child and making adjustments in curriculum to meet modern children’s needs.

Our Values

Respect – Building a relationship of respect between a child and the teacher is the first, and most important, step to successful learning. 

Loving – We support our families and children with care, compassion and a listening ear.

Integrity – We hold true to our values and beliefs that we will treat all children, families, and staff with the utmost care and respect.

Inquisitive – We recognize that our learning is never complete and continue to research new avenues of teaching.

Maria Montessori’s ‘Twelve Commandments” for a Montessori Teacher are:

1. To care for the environment.

2. To indicate clearly and exactly the use of the objects and the   materials

3. To be “active” when putting the child in relationship with the environment: to become “passive” when his relationship has been established.

4. To observe well the children so not to miss the efforts of those who search for hidden objects, not those who need her support.

5. To respond quickly and relate warmly to whoever calls.

6. To listen when invited.

7. To respect whoever works, never interrupting nor questioning.

8. To respect whoever makes mistakes, never correcting directly.

9. To respect whoever rests and watches the others work, without admonishing, without forcing to work.

10. To be indefatigable in trying to offer work to those who reject it, to those who did not yet learn and make mistakes.

11. The directress makes her presence felt to those who are seeking, hides it from those who have found.

12. The directress appears to whoever has finished his work and has freely exhausted his own efforts, offering in silence her own soul as a spiritual object.                        

                                                             -Maria Montessori